No Deal For Nature – Read on Climate Crisis and the NDFT

Betrayal by Mario Sánchez Nevado

No Deal For Nature – Read on Climate Crisis and the NDFT

I recently subscribed the No Deal For Nature campaign and gladly let them use my illustration “Betrayal” , in hopes on helping spreading the word about the dangers of the New Deal for Climate. I encourage you to read the information contained within their website, linked above, to have a wider view about the problems of the Climate Crisis

About the No Deal For Nature campaign

Betrayal by Mario Sánchez Nevado

Our natural world is facing the most serious threats she has ever known.

At the forefront is the accelerating loss of biodiversity, upon which all life depends.

Worse still, this very real threat is being marketed and exploited in order to re-boot the global economy.

The so-called “New Deal For Nature” (NDFN) is being drawn up by the world’s most powerful corporations, financial institutions, and NGOs complicit in human rights abuses.

Also at the helm of the NDFN is the World Economic Forum which entered into partnership with the United Nations on June 13, 2019.

The NDFN is due to be finalized at the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) conference in Beijing in October 2020.

This is the corporate coup of the commons. It represents the monetization of all nature on a global scale.

Under the guise of environmental protection, the NDFN amounts to the privatization, commodification and objectification of nature, marketed with emotive imagery and holistic framing.

It also threatens further Indigenous displacement and genocide.

The NDFN would involve the total transformation of the global economic system for the creation of new markets, to salvage the failing global economic capitalist system that is destroying our shared futures and all life on Earth.

Mark Tercek, former CEO of The Nature Conservancy describes the intent best: “This reminds me of my Wall Street days. I mean, all the new markets, the high yield markets, this is how they all start.”

The NDFN must be stopped. We call on all those who care about nature to speak out now.

We urge them to hold public meetings, disseminate information, form local campaign groups, hold protests, and to take whatever action is necessary to halt this monstrous and unprecedented assault on our living world by the capitalist system.

Much gratitude to Mario Sanchez Nevado of Aegis Strife for his permission to use the illustration Betrayal and to Corinne, Dominique, Julien, Soraya, Boris and Luis for translating material for other language versions of this site to be launched soon. 



The much-vaunted “green” agenda of the World Economic Forum (WEF) is coming under attack as its annual Davos summit gets underway.

A new international campaign has been launched which alleges the WEF is guilty of spearheading a bid by corporations and financial institutions to “monetize” nature on a global scale.

It is calling on people across the world to hold public meetings, disseminate information, form local campaign groups and “to take whatever action is necessary” to halt the so-called “New Deal for Nature”.

An online statement from the “No Deal for Nature” alliance [1], whose slogan is “life is not a commodity”, has already won the support of several academics and campaigners.

It warns that “under the guise of environmental protection” a massive exploitation scheme is in fact being drawn up, with the aim of maintaining the current wealth and power transfer from the poor to the rich.

The WEF boasts on its own website that “young climate activists, including Greta Thunberg” will be attending the Davos event in Switzerland from January 21. [2]

It insists it will be discussing “how to address the urgent climate and environmental challenges that are harming our ecology and economy” and “how to transform industries to achieve more sustainable and inclusive business models”.

However, the WEF also reveals it will be examining “how to govern the technologies driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution so they benefit business”. [3]

The package of policies known as the “New Deal for Nature” is being promoted not only by the WEF, but also by the United Nations (UN) [4], the World Bank [5] and the controversial WWF. [6]

The UN has admitted it wants to “advance a new political agenda” involving “increased promotion of innovative financing that supports green infrastructure”. [7]

The new campaign describes this agenda as a “monstrous and unprecedented assault on our living world by the capitalist system”.

It warns that nature and humanity alike will suffer, with the threat of “further Indigenous displacement and genocide”.

The campaigners conclude: “The NDFN must be stopped. We call on all those who care about nature to speak out now”.









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    My thanks for bringing this to the world’s attention!

    The Doomsday Clock is, now, at mere minutes from midnight!