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Rainover - NOX

Stone Division - Six Indifferent Places

Ravenscry - The Invisible

Ravenscry - 100

The Phoenix Project - Through Ashes Rise

Silence the Sun - Sailing Empty Streets

Antimatter - A profussion of though Cover Artwork by Mario Nevado Art

Antimatter - Black Market Enlightenment

Antimatter - The Judas Table

Illuminata - Where Stories Unfold

Tezaura: Heartcore

Night in Wales - Doubts and Fears

Avem - Meridiem

Eternal Eclipse - Fountain of Eternity

Mass Sky Raid - The Enemy

Robot Philosopher - Astral Migration

The last relapse - Machine

Ashent - Flaws of Elation

Ashent - Inheritance

Unexpect - Fables of the Sleepless Empire

Ashent - Deconstructive

Penumbra - Era 4.0

Tezaura - Unleash the Butterflies

Eternal Eclipse: Wings of Apocalypse

Feral Sun Evacuate CD Cover Artwork by Mario Nevado

Empathic - Another Life

Jay Arana - Gemini

Reason to Rebel - This gun is human

Tantrica - Uncertain Fate

Heonia - Portraits

Deathwalking - My last 14 Minutes

Native Construct - Quiet World

Ambits - Ecstasy and Infinity

The Twilight Garden - Hope

The reality of yourself - Two worlds

Jason DV - Possessed

William Paul - March with the drones CD cover artwork by Mario Nevado

Rainover - Lumina Omnia

Rainover - Lobo CD cover artwork by Mario Nevado