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Nephelae Lee: New Age Mythos

Self-Published. 2021.

Birney Reed: The Tales of Victor Coachman

Published by Bad Dream Entertainment. 2014.

Dawn Metcalf: Indelible

Published by Harlequin Teen. 2013.

Gabriela Vallejo: Alter

Published by Editorial Círculo Rojo. 2015.

Doug Howery: The Grass Sweeper God

Published by CreateSpace Publishing. 2014.

A. A. Attanasio: The Shadow Eater

Self-Published. 2011.

Creativ Magazine

Published by Creativ. 2016.

Cassandra Khaw: Breakable Things

Published by Undertow Publications. 2022.

Lucie Cannon: The last straw

Published by Exlibris. 2015.

Amy Lukavics: Daughters unto devils

Published by Harlequin Teen. 2013.

Innsmouth Magazine

Published by Innsmouth Press. 2014.

M.R. Forbes: Dead of Night

Self-Published. 2013.

M. R. Forbes: Evolution

Self-Published. 2015.

Veis Djalali: Ensnared

Self-Published. 2020.