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Three Times

Movie poster for "Three Times" directed by Paco Ruiz and Published by Elamedia (2020).

Hystercal Minds: Substantia

Promotional Poster for the exhibition "Substantia" by the artistic collective Hysterical minds. 2013.

Guardians of the Earth

Movie Poster for "Guardians of the Earth". Directed by Filip Malinowski. Released by Soleil Film (2017).

Aégis Strife

Promotional Branding Poster for Aégis Strife Illustration Studio capiagn "Everyone's got a good story to tell". (2020).

Las Otras

Theatrical Poster for "Las Otras" by Avista Cía. 2015.

Las Plañideras

Theatrical Poster for "Las Plañideras" (The Mourners) by Pásatelo Teatro. 2020.

David Lynch:Blue Velvet (Fan Poster)

Fan Poster for David Lynch's "Blue Velvet". 2015.

Plataforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca

Benefic Concert Poster for Plataforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca. 2011.

Illuminata: Where stories unfold

Promotional Poster for the album "Where Stories Unfold" by Illuminata. 2014.

Los Centinelas

Film Poster for "Los Centinelas". Directed by Denise Despeyroux. Published by Gosua. 2021.

Odisea (Mínima)

Theatrical Poster for "Odisea (Mínima)" by Enkidu Teatro. 2021.

El sueño de Segismundo

Theatrical Poster for "El Sueño de Segismundo" by La Chimenea Escénica. 2012.

Fast Expos: Aégis + Sertek

Gig/Exhibition Poster for 10th Anniversary Party of Aégis Illustration. 2016.

The Judas table Tour

Tour Poster for The Judas Table Tour by Antimatter. 2014.

Juan Rozzof and Marta Ochando

Gig Poster for Juan Rozoff & Marta Ochando Live Performance. 2013.

Toma la Calle 15M

Demonstration Poster for the 15M Movement (Spain). 2011.

Los Hernández

Movie Poster for "Los Hernández". Directed by Josan Grau. Published by Bravostudios (2014).

Illustrations from Digital Surrealism

Self-Promotional Poster for my first solo exhibition at Ocio (Murcia). 2010.

La Rosy

Theatrical Poster for "La Rosy" by Natalia Martínez Sala. 2012.

The Manhattan Project

Tour Poster for The Manhattan Project. 2012.

Black Market Enlightenment Tour

Tour Poster for the album Black Market Enlightenment by Antimatter. 2018.

Illustrate Yourself

Promotional Poster for "Illustrate Yourself: A Self-Management Workshop for Creatives" by Mario Nevado. 2015.

Hysterical Minds: Parallax Art Fair

Promotional Poster for the exhibition at Parallax Art Fair London of the artistic collective Hysterical Minds. 2011.