‘Rainover: NOX’ CD Cover Artwork

Rainover: NOX CD Cover Artwork by Mario Nevado- Dark Surrealism Illustration Portfolio

‘Rainover: NOX’ CD Cover Artwork

I am so proud to introduce NOX, the biggest Art Direction project I’ve worked on to date. I forged a close relationship with Rainover and their singer, Andrea Casanova, after designing their previous album, “Transcending the blue and drifting into rebirth”. When I was commissioned for new art about the Moon, apocalypse and empowerment, I couldn’t believe it. Andrea and I had magical moments and strong connections during the production of this album, that we were on each other’s mind most of the time. It was almost frightening! This is the stuff I signed for, so I couldn’t thank you guys enough! 

Band Statement about “NOX”

Rainover are immensely proud to announce their long-awaited new album, “NOX”, which shall be released worldwide through Wormholedeath Records next April 17th digitally, and May 8th physically (USA and Japan release dates to come soon). The album will be presented live with a special release show in May 16th in the city of Murcia, Spain.

After their critically acclaimed first album, “Transcending the blue and drifting into rebirth” (Wormholedeath Records, 2013/2014), Rainover took their time to write a worthy follow-up and the process led them to venture into darker sounds while still keeping their trademark melodies and atmospheres, resulting into a visibly more mature, obscure and complex piece of work.

Correspondingly, NOX (latin word for “night”, and name of a classical nocturnal feminine deity) is about an upcoming dark era for humans, who have turned their backs to their own nature –an eternal night on Earth after nature’s powers have been destabilized. NOX is also a story of human greed and thirst of power –but also one of empowerment through self-realisation. NOX is a wake-up call –a summoning of many entities and emotions, told through magical and mystical resources, and then put into one single record where these stories unfold.

The album has been produced by Carlo Bellotti with Jonathan Mazzeo (MathLab Recording Studio, Italy) in charge of recording, engineering and mixing, and has been mastered by Dennis Koehne (Germany). Aégis Illustration is the creator of the album cover and all the related artwork and imagery, while band pictures are by Jordi Martín Romero | Photography.

As previously announced by the band, the first single, named “Lumina Omnia”, counts with the guest vocals of Anders Jacobsson, singer of Swedish doom metal masters Draconian, and will be launched within a couple of weeks as a first taster for the record.

Preorders for the album, with special conditions, shall be as well announced in due course, same as the details for the album release show in May 16th.

Find below the album tacklist for NOX:
1- Lobo (06:05)
2- A Constant Tide (05:51)
3- Lumina Omnia (ft. Anders Jacobsson) (06:58)
4- Æther (05:21)
5- False Saturn Devours (04:28)
6- The Shadowmen (04:46)
7- Her Last Flight (05:07)
8- Moon in Nox (04:34)
9- E-motionless (04:08)
10- Vertigo (04:55)
11- Darkness Falls (05:50)

Some Artwork close-ups

This post will be updated as the album artworks are released by the band themselves.

Mario is a digital artist and art director that explores the depths of dark surrealism to deliver shocking cover visuals for bands, writers and filmmakers around the world. He's also a passionate instructor of color theory and image composition. In his free time, he sings and makes noise on his musical project, Nevado.


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    This work is fantastic!! Wow!
    It sounds like you really enjoyed this project! It shows!