Hysterical Minds New Exhibition: Twisted Essence

twisted essence, Hysterical Minds New Exhibition: Twisted Essence

Hysterical Minds New Exhibition: Twisted Essence

Twisted Essence, the new artistic pack released by the hispanic-speaking art collective Hysterical Minds, ha sbeen released, at last, with some of the best material de collective has released to date, including mesmerizing paintings, vectors, photograps, mixed media illustration, music, and video animation, but also, a new proposal with cinemagraphs (animated photographs).

For this release, we wanted to devise the pack using new working methods, so we proposed a dual theme to handicap it and to stimulate the creativity of our artists. In one hand, essence makes reference to the human nature: chaotic, confusing, volatile and full of blendings, from gloom to brightness, from pale to full color… creating a conglomeration of meanings that travel from the grotesque and the cruel to the ironic, going through fantasy or psychedelia.

On the other hand, twisted gives that altered, spontaneous, and at times, even macabre connotation that we have focused not only as a conceptual matter, but above all, as a compositive one: You won’t see any centred pieces on the canvas. We have been working using alternative composition rules, such as the rule of thirds or the golden ratio, to get out the confort zone, and to offer a dynamic, narrative, polished and above all, full of shades visual experience, which accompanied with its eclectic and evocative soundtrack, will guide you through the created worlds of these hysterical imaginations.

In my case, I submitted two brand new digital photomanipulations and three digital photos.

Trust in Me The Unispired  Drama Queen  Nightshift Endogenesis 

I do really hope that you enjoy our latest effort. It has been a marvellous experience, that has helped us to grow as artists. It won’t disappoint you. Sixty top-notch illustrations, outstanding soundtrack and an animation clip that you cannot miss!

Go to Hysterical Minds: Twisted Essence!

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Mario is a digital artist and art director that explores the depths of dark surrealism to deliver shocking cover visuals for bands, writers and filmmakers around the world. He's also a passionate instructor of color theory and image composition. In his free time, he sings and makes noise on his musical project, Nevado.