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“Betrayal” in Living Art America Body Painting contest

“Betrayal” in Living Art America Body Painting contest

Body painting artist Brad de La Torre contacted me a few months regarding the usage of my artwork “Betrayal” for the head part of a design he was working on for the most important body painting contest in the US: Living Art America. I’m always super pleased with other artists using my work to create something different, so of course I said yes.

His amazing work won the third place on the Fan Favorite category, and I’m very happy about it! Congrats Brad and all of his team! ­čśÇ

Betrayal by Mario Sánchez Nevado


Artist Brad De La Torre
Model Logan Howard
Assistant Michael Lybbert
Photo by Allen Davis
Photo assistance Paul Yurkin



Mario is a freelance Illustrator and Art Director based in Madrid (Spain), and works creating covers for music bands and publishing houses all over the world. Also, he writes Photoshop Tutorials from time to time and teaches Composition and Color Theory. In his free time, he sings and makes noise on his musical project, Nevado.