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Rainover – NOX

CD Cover Artwork and Packaging Design

Rainover – NOX

I am so proud to introduce NOX, the biggest Art Direction project I’ve worked on to date. I forged a close relationship with Rainover and Andrea Casanova after designing their previous album, “Transcending the blue and drifting into rebirth”. When I was commissioned for new art about the Moon, apocalypse and empowerment, I couldn’t believe it. Andrea and I had magical moments and strong connections during the production of this album, that we were on each other’s mind most of the time. It was almost frightening! This is the stuff I signed for, so I couldn’t thank you guys enough! There are a ton of artwork and anecdotes regarding the process of NOX that will be released periodically.

NOX (latin word for “night”, and name of a classical nocturnal feminine deity) is about an upcoming dark era for humans, who have turned their backs to their own nature –an eternal night on Earth after nature’s powers have been destabilized. NOX is also a story of human greed and thirst of power –but also one of empowerment through self-realisation. NOX is a wake-up call –a summoning of many entities and emotions, told through magical and mystical resources, and then put into one single record where these stories unfold.

As of now, I can only show you the cover for the LP and the singles so far: “Lobo” and “Lumina Omnia”. The album release is yet to be announced.