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Avista Cia – Las Otras

Branding and Advertising for Theatre Performance

Avista Cia – Las Otras

“Las Otras” (The Others) is a micro-theatre performance of 15 minutes, written, directed and starred by Marta Ochando and Noelia Sidrach, as the first feature of the company Avista. The performance currently has this short version and a full-length one that travels the city of Madrid in Spain.

It’s a true events story based on two extremely-catholic sisters that live alone, suffering the noises and life of their new neighborhood, a young, soon-to-be successful actress. But their drama turns to be a sick obsession about the life of the others.

My job within this project was to film several live performances of the duo with and without audience, to create a theater teaser video of 3 minutes, using motion content and audio from the shows. During that, all branding was created to appear in dossiers and promotional content of the show, resembling Alejandro Amenábar’s “The Others” branding style, as an internal joke of the performance.


Avista Cía.


Microteatro por Dinero (2014, Spain).

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