Digital Art about Climate Change.

Lungs - Modern Surreal digital art about climate change by Mario Nevado.

Artwork Info

  • Year: 2019
  • Medium: Photo Manipulation, Matte Painting.
  • Category: Digital Art about Climate Change
  • Size:  55×27 inches (140×70 cms).
  • Model: Pexels.

“Lungs” is the result of the final project I created for the students of my workshop “Image Composition and Visual Narrative”. It teaches about complex matte painting techniques to assemble dozens of different pictures together, creating lighting from scratch and advanced post production tips in Adobe Photoshop. My goal was to teach my students how to create visual storytelling, and I chose the topic of climate change and global warming.

Artist’s statement

To create the visual storytelling, I decided to create a narrative about the idea of “air” and how its meaning can change according to the context. I decided to juxtapose two different environments: A character with a dandelion head resting on the calmer area of the image serves as a focal point. Reading from left to right and top to bottom (as in western culture), you can interpret how the polluted air becomes clean as it approaches this kind of magic creature that has a glowing heart. A more poignant and poltical view on this same subject matter can be seen on my artwork “Betrayal”.

This digital art about climate change reminds us the importance of nature and green spaces in our urban environments, and despite its contrasts and ominous core message, its focal points brings a sense of calm and retreat that can set a relaxing mood to any room.

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