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Frost – Condition

CD Cover Artwork

Frost – Condition

CD cover artwork for the single “Condition” by the Iceland band Frost and Iago Pico & Michel Sult from Deathwalking. Created in widescreen format for the official video clip.

“His artworks go further than your expectations.”

I have to say with great satisfaction that to have been Mario’s client has been (and still is!) a big wise move – I feel so thankful, and this feeling goes beyond the admiration I feel for his talent and his generosity while avoiding to save efforts, which is a plus that makes of his pieces true works of art that go further than your expectations, so my biggest respect for Mario, an artist with capital letters, of great imagination and with a humble, meticulous energy.

Michel Sult. Guitarist of Deathwalking.


Self-release (Iceland/Spain, 2014)

Model courtesy:

Eduardo Muñoz

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