Epic Emotional Digital Art.

Deliberation - surreal epic emotional art by Mario Nevado. Anxiety, depression, heartbreak, chronic illness

Artwork Info

  • Year: 2012
  • Medium: Photo Manipulation.
  • Style: Epic Emotional Art.
  • Size:  62×62 inches (158×158 cms).
  • Model: Deposit Photos.

Artist’s statement

deliberation /dɪˌlɪbəˈreɪʃn/ noun

  1. long and careful consideration or discussion.
  2. slow and careful movement or thought.

“Deliberation” is a powerful, epic emotional art piece about critical decisions, winner of the Exposé MASTER Illustration Award in 2013. You can find the background story that led to its making in my artwork “Trust in me”.

This illustration is not about fragilty. In fact, quite the opposite; “Deliberation” is an ode to strength and courage. Taking the risk to decide about your future is a brave move. Nonetheless, it can come with big emotional pain. That’s why I chose a brighter color palette, with very subtle cold blue hints contrasting with the oranges from the fire that can be seen through the cracks. These moments can enlighten us through pain, and I wanted to portray a moment of lucidity.

The character here is depicted as a statue. Her will to move on is starting to shatter her, and as she falls apart, we can start seeing the fire under the skin, symbolizing the stress and anxiety she’s suffering. To top it all off, her head finally explodes as she can no longer resist the distress. She has taken the decision, and uncertainty is a terrible feeling.

A message of empowerment

“Deliberation” is very open to interpretation: I often receive messages from people who have seen themselves in this art because of chronic illnesses (specially fibromyalgia) or mournings from loved ones. It is a kind reminder for us to keep on fighting even in the worst situations. It’s a reminder of how powerful we can be.

The license of non-exclusive editorial use is available. Keep in mind that “Deliberation” has already illustrated several book and magazine covers.

“Deliberation” is available as:

Museum Quality Prints

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  • Sizes up to 48 inches (122 cms).
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Book Cover License

  • Up to 50.000 copies. Extended print runs available.
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  • Non-Exclusive, Non-Sublicensable.
  • Includes basic Typography & Layout.
  • Also available: Inserts from 149.95$