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Adobe Creative Cloud Asset Lab

Ad Campaign of on-line workshop for Adobe & Behance.

Adobe Creative Cloud Asset Lab

I was asked by Adobe to create a brand new piece for Adobe Assets Lab using a collection of assets they created using their new mobile app Adobe Capture. What I didn’t know is how they made those assets. Then they handed me the spot they filmed for the campaign, where I watched, very surprised, how the assets were made: Using motorcycle drifts, exploding vases and a martial artist kicking balloons full of paint, they did a series of photos, brushes, color palettes and vector shapes to be used in my illustration, that would be obviously created in Photoshop.

The final outcome, “Vulnicura” (which means to cure all wounds, in latin), mixes these assets with a 3D model created by myself and a series of photos of my trips to create this surreal environment. With the result, Adobe published a tutorial on the platform Behance and I was asked to recreate the full artwork in a one-hour workshop! The workshop was a huge success, with more than 6.000 people watching it from all over the world, and now it’s available for all to see on the Eyedo platform.

You can watch the on-line Adobe Assets Lab workshop by clicking here!

Adobe Europe/Behance

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