CD Cover Artworks by Aégis Illustration
CD Cover Artworks by Aégis Illustration
CD Cover Artworks by Aégis Illustration
Art Manifesto
Our everyday lifes are the frame where the most fascinating stories are told: daily routines filled with a kind of magic we cannot see, hidden behind layers of context. I chose automatic writing as a form of composing random and abstract ideas. I discover the path as I build it, and I create a mirror for us to see ourselves in.

I am a scavenging artist. I mix photography, digital painting, 3D, generative images, hand-crafted textures and everything I can put my hands into to create these handmade myths.
Commercial Licenses
The illustrations contained in this gallery are available for licensing for your music album, book, poster, film or any other project you have in mind. Licensing is a more affordable way than commisioning a taylor made illustration if you are on a budget. Non-exclusive usage fees come as little as 300$ for a worldwide, lifetime license (final price depending on artwork and project scope).
Fine Art Prints
Most of the dark surrealism illustrations contained in this gallery are available as fine art prints, posters, canvases and a wide array of other products. All prints are museum-quality and are printed and managed by Fine Art America and come in a variety of sizes, finishes and materials, from glicée photo paper to classic canvases, but also acrylic or metal. Custom framing, stationery and apparel is also available. We ship worldwide. If the artwork you want is not available, please contact me.
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Photo Manipulation. 2015. Model: Cristina Martín.


Digital Painting. 2018.


"We are victims of ourselves". Photo Manipulation. 2007.


Mother of witches. Digital Mixed Media. 2022.


Digital Mixed Media. 2022.


Photo Manipulatio. 208. Model: Candace Nirvana by Marcus Ranum.


Photo Manipulation. 2007. Model is Amber G by Marcus Ranum.


Digital Mixed Media. 2012.


About myths and polyedrical personalities. Digital Mixed Media. Model: Cristina Martín.

Iridescent Catharsis

From "Psychoclimatic Conditions". Digital Mixed Media. 2020.

The Dancers

Digital Painting. 2015.


"To cure all wounds", according to Björk. 3D, Matte Painting. 2016.

States of the Matter: Evaporate

Photo Manipulation. 2021.

States of the Matter: Crystallize

Photo Manipulation. 2021.

States of the Matter: Liquify

Photo Manipulation. 2021.

Drifting on a sad song

Photo Manipulation. 2014.

(Blooming) Protection

Digital Mixed Media. 2009.

Plus Ultra

"Further and beyond". Spain national motto. About the victory of the III Socialist Republic. Photo Manipulation. 2017. Model: Cristina Martín.


Photo Manipulation. 2013. Model: E. Muñoz.


Digital Mixed Media. 2008. Model: Alba Navas.


Plutocracy. Digital Mixed Media. 2022.

Mother (Gaia)

Digital Mixed Media. 2022.


Photo Manipulation. 2013. Model: E. Muñoz.

A Dying Wish

Digital Mixed Media. 2007. Model by Marcus Ranum.

Temporary Peace

Photo Manipulation. 2010.


Communication failure. Photo Manipulation. 2015.

Death was All and Everyone

About Capitalism. Photo Manipulation. 2011. Model by Marcus Ranum.


Photo Manipulation. 2014. Model: Kithera by Marcus Ranum.

Emperor of Nothing

About envy. Digital Mixed Media. 2016.

The unloved ones

Blue princes don't exist. Photo Manipulation. 2013.

Enjoy the Silence

"All I ever wanted, all I ever needed was here, in my arms". Photo Manipulation. 2013.


About wokism and cancel culture. Digital Mixed Media. 2022.


Digital Mixed Media. 2015. Model: Natalia Martínez.


Photo Manipulation. 2007. Model: Ram Kitty.

Memento Mori

"Remember you will die (live the moment)". Digital Mixed Media. 2006. Model by Resurgere.

Reality Clash

Photo Manipulation. 2006. Model: Ayleene de Mon.

Alexithymic Winter

From "Psychoclimatic Conditions". Digital Mixed Media. 2021.

The Radiant Nimbus of Crestfallen

From "Psychoclimatic Conditions". Digital Mixed Media. 2019.

Enjoy Yourself

Photo Manipulation. 2009. Model by Marcus Ranum.