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About a decade ago, I travelled to La Fuente del Rey, which is a small condominium in the mountains of Cieza, in the Region of Murcia (South of Spain). It's a paradise on Earth with amazing sunsets and landscape views

I have two good news! First one is, that after a big while, the art collective Hysterical Minds has at least released its new exhibition. The second is, that means I'm releasing new personal artwork after a long, long time!We

Yesterday was the final match to know who would win the 28th edition of Creajoven, the most important artistic regional awards. If I have to be honest I didn't have any faith on winning, but at the end it occured

Well well... not updating in such a while, ain't it? I have been re-coding and re-designing the full site. I've been working in the same server for so many years, and it was needing a huge clean-up! So here you have a brand new site, cleaner, faster and more accessible. Maybe it lacks the personality the old one had but... I think this is the way to work now, I prefer this minimal style to focus attention on the images and not the design. Also it works really fast, I had some major issues with the old version of the site because of the loading times. So everything went to the garbage and I started everything from scracht, except for the database with all the info. So if you were a registered user of this site, fear not, because all the info has been re-placed here, so your username and password will work here as well.

Fifth session of Memories Collector done tonight. I asked my friend Alba Navas to come to the session. We have already collaborated in many projects, mostly when we were in the university, and she is one of my most recurrent

¡La convocatoria de participantes/modelos para este proyecto fotográfico aún sigue abierta. Si vives en el área de Murcia y quieres participar, no dudes en ponerte en contacto conmigo!Today, I had the pleasure of receiving Kike and Álex for a new

Yesterday was one of the most exciting days I've got in ages. It was the second photo-session for my new series Memories Collector. A lot of people came with their objects to represent their memories.To refresh up your mind, I