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My artwork "Deliberation" (which I created for a step by step Adobe Photoshop CS6 Tutorial that you can check out clicking here) is featured as the cover of the eBook "What Women (don't) Want" by Diario di Pensieri / Speechless

Italian progressive metal band Ashent released their third album "Inheritance" with Lion Music this last September, so here you can check out the full CD packaging design I did for them. It's not the first time I've collaborated with them,

Brand new Adobe Photoshop CS6 photomanipulation tutorial, exclusively available through the Premium network of Envato's TutsPlus. In this educative article I'm teaching some ways of masking photos accurately, as well as blending multiple texture photographs to achieve a realistic shattering

I have had the great pleasure to join forces with the fantasy/sci-fi writer A. A. Attanasio, using my illustration "A Dying Wish" for the eBook release of his 1998's "The Shadow Eater", that you can adquite from Amazon Kindle Store, Barnes&Noble

Italian metal band Ashent is about to release their third album "Inheritance" in a bit more than two months: September 21st.  The cover artwork has been officialy released so here you are. I have illustrated and designed the full packaging,

Cover art for the song "Almost Hard", by Cobus Potgieter feat. Iago Pico & Michel Sult. It was a real pleasure to work with them, I really hope for a lot of success to these guys :). Below you can watch

Nuevo cartel para el Movimiento 15M para la acción que desarrollarán el 24F acusando a los bancos de la culpabilidad de la crisis. Con este cartel, pretenden empapelar las sucursales. Originalmente, se ha creado para la zona de Murcia, pero