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Hi folks!Long time I have not updated with anything related to my digital realm... well, as you might have guessed already the political situation in my country is quite complicated, and nowadays I only have time to work in the 15M movement, so I'm updating you with the latest works I did in between April-May 2011, one of the for the Hysterical Minds collective (in which I'm working as Art Director for the following packs :)) and its 7th art pack entitled "Freedom" and some other unpublished yet.

¡Hola a todos!Ahora mismo me encuentro viviendo en el campamento que hemos levantado en la plaza de la Glorieta en Murcia con motivo de la manifestación que Democracia Real YA convocó el pasado 15M. Aprovecho que vengo a mi casa

Well well... not updating in such a while, ain't it? I have been re-coding and re-designing the full site. I've been working in the same server for so many years, and it was needing a huge clean-up! So here you have a brand new site, cleaner, faster and more accessible. Maybe it lacks the personality the old one had but... I think this is the way to work now, I prefer this minimal style to focus attention on the images and not the design. Also it works really fast, I had some major issues with the old version of the site because of the loading times. So everything went to the garbage and I started everything from scracht, except for the database with all the info. So if you were a registered user of this site, fear not, because all the info has been re-placed here, so your username and password will work here as well.

Hello all! So finally back from Edinburgh... greatest place I have ever been in... Amazing experience surrounded by amazing people and wonderful places... lots of stuff to do in such a little city! It has really given me a new perspective. I encourage you all to visit it at least once in life... I'm sure you won't regret it, cultural life is there, and at its best! :)Apart from that... well, the return to Spain was as expected, kinda atrocious. Things here are still the same and I am really having a bad time trying to find a job (still, one year looking for and nothing found yet... and YES, I've been looking for anything non-artistic related as well!).

Hi folks...Yesterday at night, some guys entered in my house and stole everything from my studio: computer, cameras, lenses, hard drives... they only left one hard drive (which miracoulously is the one in which my PSDs and RAWs are) and the tripod.The total value is around 5.000 €... everything I ever needed or got...I've got to buy a computer this afternoon, the cheapest one, with my very last money.