Italian progressive metal band Ashent released their third album "Inheritance" with Lion Music this last September, so here you can check out the full CD packaging design I did for them. It's not the first time I've collaborated with them,

Italian metal band Ashent is about to release their third album "Inheritance" in a bit more than two months: September 21st.  The cover artwork has been officialy released so here you are. I have illustrated and designed the full packaging,

Cover art for the song "Almost Hard", by Cobus Potgieter feat. Iago Pico & Michel Sult. It was a real pleasure to work with them, I really hope for a lot of success to these guys :). Below you can watch

Nuevo cartel para el Movimiento 15M para la acción que desarrollarán el 24F acusando a los bancos de la culpabilidad de la crisis. Con este cartel, pretenden empapelar las sucursales. Originalmente, se ha creado para la zona de Murcia, pero