Shiftart Photoshop Webinar with Mario Sánchez Nevado

Behind the Layers Photoshop Webinar with Shiftart

Next December 8th 2016, 10 a.m. GMT-8, I’ll be joining you all on Shiftart’s first ever live Photoshop webinar! I’ll be explaining the secrets behind my works “Betrayal”, your all-time favorite (or so it seems!), “Vulnicura” (Adode endorsed) and my newest release, “Honey”. Each block will cover different topics, such as complex composition techniques with ‘Betrayal’, Photo Manipulation and painting mixes with ‘Honey’ and Visual composition with ‘Vulnicura’. It will be brief and intense for each piece. I’ll be answering some of your questions life, and after the class you’ll have plenty of time to ask me anything you want 😀

Attendance is free! You just need to register your seat by clicking here.

Update! Here’s the video with the full class. Enjoy! 😀

Mario is a freelance Illustrator and Art Director based in Madrid (Spain), and works creating covers for music bands and publishing houses all over the world. Also, he writes Photoshop Tutorials from time to time and teaches Composition and Color Theory. In his free time, he sings and makes noise on his musical project, Nevado.

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  • Janine van Holthe
    6 years ago

    Cool, can’t sign up unfortunately U0001f625

  • Diana Boyd
    6 years ago

    can’t wait, signed up!



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